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Manish work is inspired by a childhood of hardship, social domination, cast discrimination and poverty. He sees his work as the voice of the speechless which he tries to represent in a contemporary way. In life he has struggled to exist within the traditional social boundaries, the discrimination in society and the traditional perspective of cast still dominant in Nepal today, especially within the lives of ‘the untouchables.’

Auspicious Suspicious

The entitled work “Auspicious Suspicious” generates the idea about good fortune and faith with suspiciousness. The work share the notion of  binary opposition which combined eastern auspicious natural grains food (religiously purified) with human skull. Individual skull have filled with each different natural grains food assumes as pure natural products used for religious purpose in eastern culture. Skull generally symbolize death, evil and negative power. Natural grains symbolizes religiously purified that strength to protect the life of society with its biological process that makes balance between negative and positive power of the society, faith and superstitions. Illuminated light metaphorically used as a goodness.

Medium: resin skull, Natural grains food, bronze palette, light and soil.

Size: Dimension variable

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