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Manish work is inspired by a childhood of hardship, social domination, cast discrimination and poverty. He sees his work as the voice of the speechless which he tries to represent in a contemporary way. In life he has struggled to exist within the traditional social boundaries, the discrimination in society and the traditional perspective of cast still dominant in Nepal today, especially within the lives of ‘the untouchables.’

“Homage to my father”

26994454_10204365971187040_137837500_n Bamboo strings, paints, print, metal, size: variable, 2018

“Homage to my father” is the mixed media work which pays tribute to my father. At the age of 8, i learned to weave bamboo crafts and strings under my father’s instruction.My grandfather was from cobbler family ( in Nepali sarki) and he used to work with animal leather and used to make leather shoes and repair them. Unfortunately, my father abandon  that job because of social and religious discrimination in the name of lower cast in Nepal. However, he started working in the fields and start making bamdoo objects for daily life used which is the source of contemporary art rout for me.

The work generally brings personal memory and past in the contemporary time. It deals with the contemporary time and individual’s past time which i suffered with hardship and experienced social and religious supremacy. This work is the experiment of the skills and materialils language in the social, political and economical context.  This is the only preliminary sketch piece for the  upcoming work.

please stay tuned for more updates.

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