“I am so glad you showed me your love but not your distaste” 2018

Dimension:  Variable, plaster, resin, light, wood, febric


I am so glad you showed  me your love but not your distaste” multimedia installation integrates the ideas of cultural attraction, misunderstanding, avoidance and hate and childish act. The work is basically bringing general ideas of cultural affection, childhood, daily life body gesture and its meaning. A cultural misunderstanding occurs when something–a word, gesture, object, social context, almost anything you can think of–has different meanings in two cultures. Sometimes the misunderstandings get resolved, sometimes they lead nowhere, and sometimes they can escalate to anything from love to war.

The multimedia installation work content the artist’s self-video performance with sticking tongue out and the physical plaster cast tongues. The video will interact with the audience and the result could be annoying, reacting, feeling hate, love, silly, or irritation or nonsense.